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   Great news:Maple S07 nail printer be on show on CES2016 in USA on 1-6-2016 to 1-10-2016!

   Maple Nail Printer S07 is a portable nail art machine drawing various color patterns on your nails or artificial nails, with quick and easy DIY nail art designs. The nail printer is a product of Integrated Design without any auxiliary devices and small in size. It is suitable for use in Image Design Center, Beauty Parlour, Beauty Salon, Nail Salon and etc. This is a digital breakthrough in nail beauty and opening up new business opportunities. We are ready and waiting for you! demo vcd online to see click here! Clear S07 Machine picture slideshow online!

Compare Price:in USA S07 price is 2500$,
we sale 1350$.Home use!

Buy a Maple S07 nail printer 1350$

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  ¡�e nail printer has thousands of colorful patterns designed by professionals; you can view and select these patterns on the screen, or input the pattern number to select a pattern by inquiring the pattern gallery.
  ¡�u can use nail art printer to select various picture frames to turn a real-time photo into new patterns, or to input the ready-taken photos via USB flash memory, memory cards of cell phone or digital camera, and then to use various picture frames to cut out the photos to form new patterns. Therefore, all the pictures of persons and pets can become your unique nail patterns.
  ¡�u can input a picture of any size via USB flash memory, memory cards of cell phone or digital camera, and then cut out any part as a new pattern. It is simple to direct and convenient to operate. You can reshape or change the colors of the cut-out pattern, thus producing countless new patterns.

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Color painting on 5 fingernails at one time, as well as on toenails, mobiles ,flowers and ornamental articles; intelligent identification (Computer should be purchased by user).

PC requirements:
CPU Intel Celeron
1KMHz, 256MB memory, above 10GB hard disk, two USB ports, one CD-ROM,
recommend English Windows XP system with sp2.

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